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Low Watt Recording was founded in 2003 in Washington, D.C. by producer Ted Comerford, and is now located in the historic district of Savannah, GA, incorporating the creative talents of Brendan Kelly and Sean Kelly of A Fragile Tomorrow. Low Watt is a recording studio without the uninspiring, corporate, vanilla vibe. Yes- here you'll be surrounded by bright colors, hip furniture, and the occasional robot. You'll also have a large collection of vintage and modern gear at your fingertips. But more than all that, you'll be dealing with people who want to create the coolest, most awe-inspired jams possible.


The studio is centered around our fab-sounding Vintage Neve Console. We have a Pro Tools HD3 running Pro Tools 10 for endless ways of capturing and enhancing your recording.  We also have Logic Pro 9, as well as Reason for additional instruments and programming.  


There are 3 tracking rooms of various sizes-- plenty of room for most bands to spread out comfortably.  We also have 8 custom gobos to alter the rooms acoustics to your liking.  While the room is more catered to big drum sounds, it's completely possible to get dead/little drum tones quickly and easily.  


The studio also boasts a large lounge with an amazing vibe and a small kitchen area with a refrigerator, microwave, and coffeemaker. 


Our favorite perk of the studio is it's location.  Nestled in downtown Savannah, Georgia, the studio is walking distance to over 100 bars and restaurants, historic River Street, shopping, and a variety of cultural and historic landmarks.


Questions? Ready to book time? Just shoot an email to INFO@LOWWATTRECORDING.COM.







Low Watt Recording Client List


ARTISTS (multi-location)


Jonas Sees In Color, Jukebox The Ghost (CherryTree/YepRoc), Adam Friedman (Rock Dog/The Bachelor), Red Wanting Blue (Fanatic/EMI) , Danielle Howle, Finnegan Bell, Blonde Tongues, Parklife, A Fragile Tomorrow (MPress), Lit (RCA), American Hi-Fi (Maverick), Melbourne, The Argument (Rostrum), Pico Vs. Island Trees (Pesky Pole), Dominic Kelly (Mpress), Sean Kelly (MPress), Honor By August, Zox (Side One Dummy), The Pick Me Ups, Greg Adams, Snoozebox, The Alternate Routes (Vanguard), Waking State, Time, Nicki Gonzalez (Paxil Rose), Down Dexter, Kenin, Jack's House, Mike Holden, Rainmarket, Dave Dunn, Juniper Lane, Rotoscope, Iconic, The Motion, Stephanie Jacobson, Guta, No Second Troy, Colourslide, Stephanie Jacobson, Trustfall (Cherry Lane), Scott Simons (Rostrum), Zelos, Sun Domingo (Rock Ridge/Warner), The Iry, The Dreamscapes Project, Big City Reverie, Braxton Parker, Jon Robert, Feral Kids, Joanna Lynne, The Influence (Flying Eye/Sony), Against Grace, Brooks Wood Band, Life After You, Talking In Circles, Copper Sails, The Reserves, Courney Criswell, My Radio, Afterglow Radio, Tiger Thief, My New Mixtape, Melodyme, Matt Kabus, Long Arms, Wonderjack, Collin Healy, The Blackout District, The Independent, and many more.


BRANDS/TV/FILM (songs recorded at Low Watt have been used in/by the following)


The Joneses (film 2010), Charlie St. Cloud (film 2010), Victoria's Secret, Pepsi (pepsico), Trojan Condoms, Peter Millar Clothing, Homeland, MTV, MTV U, MTV 2, VH1, E, Oxygen, CW, ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN 360, Monday Night Footfall, Echo Lake Productions, Showtime, Best Week Ever, SPIN.com, Universal Pictures, The Daily Buzz, Dawson's Creek, FOX, Sports Center, Sports Nation, Baseball Tonight, College Football Live, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, NASCAR Now, The Hills, The City, Catfish, Road Rules, Real Word, Road Rules/Real World Challenge, Winter Break (film 2003), Candlelight Pictures, Universal Home Video, and more.


Labels / Publishers


Sony, EMI, Universal, Warner Bros, Maverick, Rostrum, Cherry Tree,Cherry Lane, BUG, Side One Dummy, Vanguard, Rock Ridge, and more.

Recording GEAR + Instruments



Peluso 22 47 LE Large Diaphragm Condenser

Peluso VTB Vacuum Tube Bottle 

Aston Origin (2)

Beyer M201 Dynamic (2)

Sennheiser MD441 (2)

Coles 4038 Ribbon (2)

Sennheiser MKH 406T Stereo Pair SDC Pencil Microphones 

Shure SM7 Dynamic (2)

Shure SM57 (2)

Shure SM58 

Heil PR40 Dynamic

SE Electronics R1 Ribbon

SE 5 Small Diaphram Condenser (2)



Neve 8014 16 Channel

Pro Tools HD3 System w/ Apogee Convertors

Pro Tools 6.4 Mix System w/ Digidesign 888 Interface

Furman HD4 Headphone System (5)

Event Studio Monitors

ADAM A7 X's Studio Monitors



Joe Meek SC2  Early Version (1.07) Knob on Back

ADR Vocal Stressor

ELI Distressors (2) 

Spectrasonics 610

Anthony Demeria Labs ADL 1000

Dukane FET Compressor/Limiter 2A80B

Lisson Grove AR-1 

DBX Disco Boom Box (LFO)

Lexicon Vortex (Multi-Efffects)

Knas - Ekdaul Moisturizer (Spring Reverb)



Neve 33122a (2)

API 3124 (4)

Chameleon Labs 7602 (2)

Universal Audio Solo 610

Acme Audio Motown DI



Koehler & Campbell Upright Piano

Hammond C3 w/145 Leslie

Hammond M100

Rhodes Suitcase 88 w/ amp

Wurlitzer 200


Waldorf Micro Synth

1960’s Chord Organ

Accordion (unknown brand)

Kaoss Pad 2

Kaoss Pad 1

Novation K Station

Roland JX-03

Mellotron Micro



Danelectro Cadet 123 2w

Vox AC15 15w

Kustom The Defender 15w Head

1966 Fender Tremolux Head

1970’s Fender Vibro Champ (Blackface’d with Weber)

1960’s Fender 2x12 cabinet (celestion vintage 30’s)

1987 Marshall Silver Jubilee 2x12 combo

00’s Fender Harvard 1x10 combo

90’s Mesa Boogie Trem-o-verb Dual Rectifier Head

90’s Mesa Boogie DC-3 1x12 combo (celestion Vintage 30)

90’s Mesa Boogie 1x12 cabinet (w/200 watt EV and Theile port)

60’s Univox 2x10 amp (15 watts with orig Jensen 10’s)

00’s Matchless Lighting Clone 1x12 combo (with Mid control and Weber Blue Bell)

12’ Jet City Pico Valve Head (KT88 currently in the head)

1997 KJL boutique (30 watts w/ KT66)

Roland Jazz Chorus JC-40

Supro Dual Tone 1624t

Vox AC10c1

Orange PPC112 Cabinet



1963 Gibson LG0 Acoustic

Mitchell MJ-150 Hi-String

Gibson SJ-200 Acoustic

Musicvox Space Cadet 12 String Bass

Musicvox MI-5 6 String Electric

Musicvox Space Cadet 12 String Electric

Musicvox Spaceranger Custom

Musicvox USB Shortscale Bass

Gibson Melody Maker Reissue

Danelectro U2 Reissue

Eastwood Stormbird 6 String Electric

Eastwood Mandocaster Electric Mandolin

1963 Gibson LG-1 Acoustic

1988 57' Fender Stratocaster w/Fralin p-ups

1974 Gibson Les Paul Custom w/Harmonic Design P-90's

1974 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe (orig mini hum [neck], Fralin full sized hum [bridge])

1970's Epiphone Sorento Hollowbody

1999 Rodriguez Custom w/Hubuckers

2000’s Jerry Jones Baritone

1965 Silvertone 1448 00’s Guitar Works ES-335 copy (w/Fralin HBs)

2002 Guild JF-30 Jumbo

2000 Taylor JKSM Grand Auditorium

Rickenbacker 620 12 String

Guild Thunderbird

1967 Gretsch Double Anniversary

1970s Fender Bronco

1989 Fender Telecaster American Standard

70s Lyle SG Copy

Musicvox Space Cadet with Filtertron Pickups

Musicvox Space Cadet with P-90s

Gibson J-200

Gretsch Jim Dandy Acoustic

Guild 12 String Acoustic 

Gretsch New Yorker Mandolin

Nash S-63 Stratocaster



Rickenbacker 4003

Fender Starcaster

Fender P-Bass

Musicvox Space Cadet 12 String Bass




1963 Slingerland 4-piece

Shai Custom 4-piece (Think Pork Pie)

1970s Ludwig Vistalite 3-Piece Kit

Zildjian K-Custom Dark Cymbals

1966 Ludwig Supraphonic Snare

60’s Slingerland Tympani

2 big vintage kick drums (28” & 32”)

several other snares



1970s Mu-Tron Phasor

Lovepedal OD11 Overdrive

Crowther Audio Hotcake Overdrive

Malekko Lofi 616 Analog Delay

Echoplex EP3 

Amp Haus #4 Fuzz

Danelectro BLT Slap Echo

Malekko Omicron Vibrato

Electro Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man (x2)

Electro Harmonix Big Muff (70’s Ram’s head)

Electro Harmonix Micro Synth (orig 90’s version)

Electro Harmonix Holy Grail (orig 90’s version)

Electro Harmonix Little Big Muff

Electro Harmonix LPB

Electro Harmonix Double Muff

Electro Harmonix Mel9

Electro Harmonix Holyest Grail

Caroline Wave Cannon

Caroline Olympia (Orig and White Russian)

Caroline Icarus

Caroline Kilobyte

Caroline Haymaker

Caroline Kilobyte

Caroline Meteore

Sobbatt Phase Breaker

Sobbatt Drive Breaker

Sobbatt Drive Breaker 2

Sweet Sound Mojo Vibe

Line 6 DM4 (2)

Line 6 FM4 (2)

Line 6 MM4

PCE Aluminum Falcon

Analogman TS9 Silver mod

Analogman TS9 Brown mod

ProCo Ratt (orig chip mod by Caroline Guitar)

Sansamp GT2

Roger Roberts FatBox

OD Malekko Trem

Boss Hyper Fuzz

Boss Tremelo

1968 Vox Tone Bender

1990s Electro Harmonix Russian Big Muff

Boss CE-2

Digitech Freqout

Stone Deaf PDF-2

Boss RV-2

Boss SD-1

Boss PN-2

Boss DM-2

Dr. Scientist Bitquest

Chase Bliss Gravitas

Meris Ottobit Jr.

Smallsound/Bigsound Mini

Boss CS-3

Earthquaker Devices Bit Commander

Dwarfcraft Happiness

Montreal Assembly Count to 5

Earthquaker Devices Transmisser

Earthquaker Devices Organizer

Mantic Flex XS

Earthquaker Devices Hoof Reaper

Earthquaker Devices Talons

Earthquaker Devices Tentacle

Red Panda Particle

Earthquaker Devices Arpanoid

Old Blood Noise Endeavors Reflector

Echoplex EP-2

Mr. Black Tunnelworm

Xotic EP Booster

Catalinbread Antichthon

Catalinbread Karma Suture

Earthquaker Devices Terminal

1981 Electro Harmonix Big Muff V6

Zvex Mastotron

Death By Audio Apocalypse

TC Electronic Ditto Looper

1980s Boss BF-2 Flanger

Mooer Tender Octaver

Ibanez TS7

MXR Blue Box

Monsterpiece MKII

Digitech DigiDelay

Goodrich Volume

Crowther Audio Double Hot Cake

Electro Harmonix Muff Drive



Low Watt Rate Card

$400 Daily

$200 1/2 Day


Rate includes Engineer

Freelance rates available 


Services Included - 

Production, Recording, Mixing, & Digital Editing.  Duplication services available upon request. We do offer Drum/Bass Editing and Vocal Tuning for producers and home studios who prefer to outsource.  


Like most studios we are happy to wheel and deal on studio time. It mostly comes down to the length of time needed and the availability of the studio.  We want GREAT MUSIC being made here and are happy to accommodate artists and engineers with competitive rates when necessary.  



A Fragile Tomorrow

Make me Over


dom kelly - 12(w/Emily from the indigo girls)




I Want you to Leave Your Body


Matt Tarka - Vision Hazy

the blonde Tongues

Turn Me Out

AFT feat. Joan Baez & Indigo Girls - One Way Ticket

The Duskwhales

Emerald Skates

Juniper Lane

let me sleep / recorded @ low watt raleigh


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