About Low Watt



Low Watt Recording was founded in 2003 in Washington, D.C. by producer Ted Comerford, and is now located in the historic district of Savannah, GA, incorporating the creative talents of Dominic Kelly and Sean Kelly of A Fragile Tomorrow. Low Watt is a recording studio without the uninspiring, corporate, vanilla vibe. Yes- here you'll be surrounded by bright colors, hip furniture, and the occasional robot. You'll also have a large collection of vintage and modern gear at your fingertips. But more than all that, you'll be dealing with people who want to create the coolest, most awe-inspired jams possible.


The studio is centered around our fab-sounding Vintage Neve Console. We have a Pro Tools HD3 running Pro Tools 10 for endless ways of capturing and enhancing your recording.  We also have Logic Pro 9, as well as Reason for additional instruments and programming.  


There are 3 tracking rooms of various sizes-- plenty of room for most bands to spread out comfortably.  We also have 8 custom gobos to alter the rooms acoustics to your liking.  While the room is more catered to big drum sounds, it's completely possible to get dead/little drum tones quickly and easily.  


The studio also boasts a large lounge with an amazing vibe and a small kitchen area with a refrigerator, microwave, and coffeemaker. 


Our favorite perk of the studio is it's location.  Nestled in downtown Savannah, Georgia, the studio is walking distance to over 100 bars and restaurants, historic River Street, shopping, and a variety of cultural and historic landmarks.




Questions? Ready to book time? Just shoot an email to info@lowwattrecording.com.



Low Watt Recording Timeline

2003: Founded by Ted Comerford in Washington D.C., taking over the legendary indie studio WGNS (Jeff Buckley, Liz Phair, Ennui/Dave Grohl, Steve Ablini)


2005: Moved to a renovated farm house in Raleigh, N.C., allowing Ted’s band, Melbourne, to tour with Maroon 5, Sara Barieless, Gavin Degraw, and more


2007: Moved to downtown Raleigh and took over Sonic Wave (Big Pun, Whiskeytown) Over the following 4 years more than 40 artists recorded records at the studio including; Jukebox The Ghost, Red Wanting Blue, Colourslide, Honor By August, ZOX, The Alternate Routes, No Second Troy, Juniper Lane, Mark Ballas, Clay Aiken, and more. 


2011: Studio neo-merged w/ Mitch Easter’s Fidelitorium.  While at the Fidelitorium, Ted produced, engineered and assisted on some fantastic projects: Against Grace, Jonas Sees in Color, Joe Walsh, War on Drugs, and more.


2014: Studio moved to Savannah, GA.  Ted and team up with Sean & Dominic Kelly of A Fragile Tomorrow.


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