Low Watt Recording Client List


ARTISTS (multi-location)


Jonas Sees In Color, Jukebox The Ghost (CherryTree/YepRoc), Adam Friedman (Rock Dog/The Bachelor), Red Wanting Blue (Fanatic/EMI) , Danielle Howle, Finnegan Bell, Blonde Tongues, Parklife, A Fragile Tomorrow (MPress), Lit (RCA), American Hi-Fi (Maverick), Melbourne, The Argument (Rostrum), Pico Vs. Island Trees (Pesky Pole), Dominic Kelly (Mpress), Sean Kelly (MPress), Honor By August, Zox (Side One Dummy), The Pick Me Ups, Greg Adams, Snoozebox, The Alternate Routes (Vanguard), Waking State, Time, Nicki Gonzalez (Paxil Rose), Down Dexter, Kenin, Jack's House, Mike Holden, Rainmarket, Dave Dunn, Juniper Lane, Rotoscope, Iconic, The Motion, Stephanie Jacobson, Guta, No Second Troy, Colourslide, Stephanie Jacobson, Trustfall (Cherry Lane), Scott Simons (Rostrum), Zelos, Sun Domingo (Rock Ridge/Warner), The Iry, The Dreamscapes Project, Big City Reverie, Braxton Parker, Jon Robert, Feral Kids, Joanna Lynne, The Influence (Flying Eye/Sony), Against Grace, Brooks Wood Band, Life After You, Talking In Circles, Copper Sails, The Reserves, Courney Criswell, My Radio, Afterglow Radio, Tiger Thief, My New Mixtape, Melodyme, Matt Kabus, Long Arms, Wonderjack, Collin Healy, The Blackout District, The Independent, and many more.


BRANDS/TV/FILM (songs recorded at Low Watt have been used in/by the following)


The Joneses (film 2010), Charlie St. Cloud (film 2010), Victoria's Secret, Pepsi (pepsico), Trojan Condoms, Peter Millar Clothing, Homeland, MTV, MTV U, MTV 2, VH1, E, Oxygen, CW, ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN 360, Monday Night Footfall, Echo Lake Productions, Showtime, Best Week Ever, SPIN.com, Universal Pictures, The Daily Buzz, Dawson's Creek, FOX, Sports Center, Sports Nation, Baseball Tonight, College Football Live, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, NASCAR Now, The Hills, The City, Catfish, Road Rules, Real Word, Road Rules/Real World Challenge, Winter Break (film 2003), Candlelight Pictures, Universal Home Video, and more.


Labels / Publishers


Sony, EMI, Universal, Warner Bros, Maverick, Rostrum, Cherry Tree,Cherry Lane, BUG, Side One Dummy, Vanguard, Rock Ridge, and more.