We want your success as much as you do. The more attractive we can make your song(s) to labels, licensing execs, etc., the more successful you are. The more successful you are, the better we look. It's a win-win, and that's what we want. We're looking for artists who are ambitious, motivated, have awesome material, and are ready to throw down the investment to record a killer album. Don't misunderstand- we're not just looking to take all your dough. The thing is, we work with you to make sure you are spending the right amount on the right things. Are you spending too much on recording and not enough on mixing or mastering? Too much on distribution and not enough on PR? We can help you figure that out. For artists who already have teams in place, we are equally as happy to mind our own business.  


See, we didn't start in this business as producers and engineers. We've been where you are. Not only have we been in bands, our team also has experience working with record labels, management companies, licensing firms, attorneys, booking agents, and nearly every other facet of the industry. For the sake of not wasting time/effort/money, we attempt to only work with artists who are serious about making competitive recordings AND are willing to take the next steps in making sure those recordings actually get heard in a real way. Again- we can help with that.